I need to dispute or update an invoice due to late reporting of Pick-up or Drop-off Data

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How does this work? 

  • If there was some pick-up or drop-off data that was wrongly reported, all you need to do is go to the related leasing deal and tag @support
  • Make sure to share with them the correct pick-up or drop-off dates and the respective container number. Our customer support team will then amend the data. 
  • As soon as the data is corrected on the leasing deal, the wallet's system will automatically generate the respective credits or charges to reconcile the account.


What if I have questions about my invoice, but it's not related to wrongly reported data?

  • You can access your wallet and invoices from xChange of your own accord, in case you spot any discrepancies or have any queries concerning your invoice we can easily support you to resolve this.
  • You should inform us via email at 



  • If the discrepancy relates to pick-up or drop-off dates, once the dates have been updated on the platform, the system will automatically generate the respective credits or charges to reconcile the account.

    Please keep in mind that the wallet is seamlessly integrated with the pickup tracking data within a request. As a result, when the pickup and drop-off dates are updated in our platform, the wallet will automatically adjust itself according to the unit information provided. Any required adjustments will be immediately done and will be available for the upcoming billing cycle.

  • This means, there is no need to email our payments team about this. All needed actions have already been completed. Please note that it may take several days for the credits to be reflected in your wallet.
  • The necessary credits or charges will be part of the next invoice you receive from us.
  • It is not possible to revise invoices that have already been generated. However, any required adjustments will be reflected in the next invoice you receive from us.

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