Subscription Invoices

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In this article, you will find out more about xChange’s Subscription invoices. When you start your journey as a customer in Container xChange’s platform, you subscribe to one or more of our products.

  • This means you will be charged a subscription fee, usually on a monthly basis.
  • For each subscription fee, you will receive one subscription invoice like the one shown below.
  • You can download the invoice in a PDF format and also worth noting that all of our invoices are in USD currency 💰
  • This invoice will contain the fees of your subscription including discounts/refunds and VAT details that you have received from us.
  • The subscription invoice will also contain the fees for the volume-based packages such as additional users and additional containers, if applicable.


Where can I filter my Invoices?

  • You can access invoices in the Wallet inside the Invoices page as shown below.
  • You can also filter the invoices based on the type of invoice.
  • Click on “Subscription” and you will be able to see only Subscription invoices.

Note: The search will show subscription invoices that are generated after the 20th of October, 2023 (the date when this new feature was implemented).

The subscription invoice is expected to be paid on the day the invoice is issued to you. If you have added a credit card to your xChange wallet, it will be automatically charged for the invoiced amount.

In case you have not saved the credit card, you can do so through the Wallet. You can also review this related article on how to add a credit card to the Wallet 

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