How much money can I receive as a payout from my xChange Wallet?

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The maximum payout from your xChange Wallet is calculated by subtracting any uninvoiced charges for the current month from your final balance.

How do we calculate it?

  • The formula is as follows: 
    • Current final balance - Uninvoiced charges = Payout amount 💰

  • To check your current final balance, go to the Account Statements tab in your xChange Wallet


  • To view your uninvoiced charges, you can visit the Balance Activity tab in your xChange Wallet


  • Requesting a payout for the current month's credits from your Wallet is only possible after the monthly invoice is issued on the 5th of the following month.
    • For example, January's Invoice will be issued on February 5th (this is to ensure all of the month's activity is correctly invoiced). 

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