Where can I dispute the pick up or drop off data of a Leasing deal?

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You can Dispute reported Data directly on the Leasing Deal

  • You will see the Dispute button displayed at the top of the deal:

  • Or under the Containers Data Tab:

  • After you click on the Dispute button, you will be prompted to select the specific data you are disputing:

  • Make sure to upload the required EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt) and click Submit to complete the claim.

Can both Users and Suppliers open a data dispute?


Is there a deadline to dispute the reported data?

  • Both Suppliers and Users have the right to dispute the validity of the reported pick-up and drop-off data on the Leasing Platform until the 15th of the month following the month in which the data was reported.

    • For example, if a unit is reported as picked up in February, the User or Supplier has until the 15th of March to dispute the data as shown in the image below. 



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