Your release reference expired, how to extend references on xChange?

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Choose the release validity while uploading the Release Reference Doc

As a supplier, you need to upload the Reference documents on xChange once a deal is accepted.

The supplier can pick a  Release validity  for 21 days, 14 days, or 7 days, or "release does not expire" (always valid) via the drop-down:



Alternatively, you can upload your release reference doc if already created by using the “I want to attach my own release reference document” toggle option.


Check whether the Release Reference has Expired or if it's still Valid

After 21 days, 14 days, or 7 days, your Reference will expire, which means the user cannot pick up any more containers under that release.


Where to find your expired release? 

Click Leasing> Accepted Deals > All accepted deals choose Pickup, there you can check if your release is still valid or expired.



Extend Reference 

If you want to extend the release validity to give the user more time to pick up the remaining containers, use the “extend now” option next to the chat box in the references section of your deal.


Note: If the release is valid in the depot, please make sure it is also valid on xChange.


If either the supplier or user does not wish to extend the release reference (i.e the supplier does not want to wait for the user to complete PU/DO anymore) please mention @Support in the chat requesting to close the deal and charge any applicable storage fees.

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