The Release Reference of my leasing deal expired, how can I extend it?

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Why is it important to select the release's validity?

  • As the supplier, when you are creating the Reference of the leasing deal, you should set the release's validity, because it represents the amount of time the user has to complete the pick up of the units.
    • After this period, the release will have expired on both the xChange platform and the depot, and the user won't be able to pick up units.

How to extend Release Reference 

If you want to extend the release validity to give the user more time to pick up the remaining containers, use the “extend now” option next to the chat box in the references section of your deal ⬇️

  • Or after you click on the reference, you will see the "Edit" button displayed as shown below:

Note: If the release is valid in the depot, please make sure it is also valid on xChange.

  • If the supplier does not wish to extend the release reference (i.e. the supplier does not want to wait for the user to complete PU/DO anymore) please mention @Support in the chat.


Where can I check the Status of all my Release References? 

  • Go to the Navigation Menu on the left side of the page, and under the  Operations Section > select References

  • Here you can review all your Active References through the filters:
    • Use or Supply references
    • Supplier
    • Pickup or Dropoff locations
    • Active or Completed



Who should I reach out to if I have a delay? 

Make sure to inform your partner and @support in your message. There are many reasons which lead to pick-up or drop-off delays, for example:

  • Lost or delayed booking.
  • You are trying to solve a last-minute issue (i.e with your local agent)
  • A market change forces you to change plans.


What are the consequences if I don't notify my partner of the delay?

If you do not inform your partner of the delayed pick-up, you may face the following consequences:

  1. Bad ratings on your company profile
  2. Cancellation and Storage fees for all non-picked containers.
  3. Not picking up the full quantity of containers negatively affects your “pick-up performance” on your company profile.

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