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Please note that all insurance claims in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are suspended until further notice.


What is the Insurance Policy?

To simplify and secure the damage resolution process on the xChange platform we offer two main insurance plans, which can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers: Basic Insurance and Premium Insurance plans. Both are integral parts of the Insurance Policy on the platform, which can be found in full here.

Both Insurance Plans will help you to secure the leased containers from potential damages and loss cases, in full accordance with the terms of the Insurance policy,

The process of claiming damages can be found here, but to simplify it, the first step in receiving an Insurance Refund for the Insurance case for the User is to reach out to the xChange team and submit the repair estimate and photos of the damages.


What is Basic Insurance?

Basic Insurance will protect your containers against Total Loss and Mysterious Disappearance of containers.

To be applicable for the Insurance Refund, the container has to fulfill certain criteria. The container is considered to be a “Total Loss” in the case when the container is lost at sea, is considered a total constructive loss, and in case of Mysterious Disappearance.

The insurance is valid for one-way moves up to 60 days after pick-up (per container). The insurance will be automatically renewed on a per-day basis after 60 days unless the containers are reported as empty returned/ dropped off on xChange.

The cost of the total loss insurance differs between container types, with 20DC being $2.5 for 60 days and 40HC being $3.3 for 60 days. 

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What is Premium Insurance?

With xChange’s Premium Insurance, you can protect your containers against all Impact Damages above the Insurance Deductible and the associated survey costs. The Damage Protection insurance always includes the Total Loss insurance, giving you full damage protection up to IICL6 standard on the containers you move.

The insurance runs for 60 days in the first cycle and then is billed daily until the containers are reported as empty returned on the xChange platform. The cost of the insurance for damages differs between container types, with 20DC being $12.00 for the initial 60 days and 40HC being $15.40 for the first 60 days.

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