What happens during the Payment Stage of a Trading deal?

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Trading deals with Payment Handling On

  • When the terms of the negotiation have been confirmed by both the buyer and seller, the negotiation will automatically move on to the “Payment” stage as shown below: 


Where can I initiate the payment process? 

  • Simply click on the Proceed with Payment button in the middle of the page.

 Where can I find the Invoice?

  • In this stage for Payment Handling ON deals, an invoice will be uploaded automatically to the Documents section as shown below. 



What are the next steps for the Buyer?

  • The buyer will have to complete payment of the invoice's amount to xChange.
  • Once payment has been confirmed as received by xChange, the negotiation will be moved to the stage of Release.
  • Check out this article to learn more about the Release stage: What happens during the Release Stage? 



Trading deals with Payment Handling Off

  • The seller will provide an invoice in the Documents section, and you can then complete payment directly to the seller. 

  • After you have paid the invoice, please inform the seller in the trading deal's chat.

  • As soon as payment is received, the seller will manually move the deal to the release stage and upload the release in the documents section. 

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