What happens during the Pick-up Stage of a Trading deal?

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The Pick Up Stage 

Where can I find the release?


Is there anything I need to do before picking up the Containers?

  • During the Pick-up stage, the Buyer can proceed with the pick-up of the units after completing the following actions:

    • Contact the depot 24 hours before the actual Pick-up to confirm the Release with the depot (that the document is in their system), and also to confirm the units are available to be gated out. 
      • Make sure the unit(s) are in the agreed condition before they are Gated Out of the Depot.



What should the Buyer do after a Container has been Picked up? 

  • To keep your partner and xChange informed, we ask all Buyers to help us report the Picked-up units through the +Add as Picked-up button with the following information:

    • Container Number
    • Pick-up date

  • After reporting the units as picked up, they will be reflected in the deal like this:

  • Once all the units are picked up, the negotiation will be closed and marked as Completed.


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