What happens during the Release Stage of a Trading deal?

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The Release Stage with Payment Handling On

  • As soon as payment is received, our payments team will confirm this by moving the deal to the Release stage and sending the following message in the chat:

  • The Seller will view the following message:


How can the Seller upload the Release?

The seller can upload their own release file or create the release by simply filling out the fields with the following details:

  • Depot's address
  • Depot's phone number
  • Depot's email address
  • Release validity (how long the release will be valid to complete the pick-up)

Once all this information has been provided, the release can be added, as you can see below.



Where can the Buyer find the Release?

  • Once the release reference has been added, it will be visible to the buyer by clicking on the Documents section:


  • Here you can download the release:

For Trading deals with Payment Handling ❌ Off

  • For this type of deal, the seller will be the one to move the deal to the Release stage (as soon as they receive payment) and upload the release in the documents section.


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