Where can I find my PUC (pick-up charge) invoice?

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There are 3 different places where you can find this invoice:

1. The Containers Section

  • Go to the Navigation Menu, and under Operations select Containers

  • Under the Leasing Only tab, you will find all the details related to your reported Containers, and by clicking on See Invoices

  • You will find all the related charges:

2. Export directly from the Leasing Deal

  • Access the specific leasing deal on the platform.
  • Open the Containers tab
  • Click on the Export as Excel button
  • This action will export all the related container details to an Excel file directly from the deal, providing comprehensive information on the pickup charges and the related invoices:

3. Via the Container xChange Wallet

  • Through the navigation menu on the left, go to the Wallet 
  • Click on the relevant month, which will expand and show you all the incurred charges and credits. 
  • Go to the Pick-up credits line, and click on Open Details
  • By doing this, you can view detailed information such as the related leasing deal and the total pick-up charges:

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