What if my Leasing Deal is cancelled before the payment is received by Container xChange?

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  • In case a leasing deal is canceled and the user completes payment upfront (before the deal is moved to the Release stage) via a Bank transfer or Credit Card, review the next section to understand what follows.

What will happen to the payment? 

  • If a customer selects the Wallet as a payment method, there will be a 30-day period to pay the invoice.

    • This means, that if the deal gets canceled before payment is completed, the invoice would simply be canceled by xChange.

  • If the customer had to pay upfront via a Bank Transfer or Credit Card, and then the deal is canceled, we will credit the money to the Wallet and you can then request a payout or use it for a new deal.

  • If the cancellation was requested after the first 12 hours of acceptance of the leasing deal, there will be applicable cancellation fees as described in this article:

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