Upfront Payment Required Use case

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We will walk you through a use case where Company X is requested to complete Payment upfront. We will explain why this happens and the available options to move the deal forward.


Use case: Upfront Payment Required

  • Company X has a Credit Limit is 50,000 USD

  • Their current Wallet Balance is -40,000 USD

  • They start a leasing deal within their Unit Limit for 22 x 20DC

  • Each unit has a Pickup charge (that Company X has to pay) of 2,000 USD

  • They accepted a deal with a Pickup charge value of 44,000 USD

  • They have an Insufficient Wallet Balance/Credit limit to pay by wallet

leasing deal yellow banner.png

  • The Use Wallet to Proceed option is deactivated because the available Wallet balance and Credit limit to spend is less than the leasing deal's total value.

  • Company X then proceeds with the Select Payment Method option.
    • The company will have the option to complete payment via Credit card or a Bank Transfer

payment method from leasing deal.png

  • They can choose to pay via Credit Card

      • The deal will be instantly confirmed

      • But there will be an extra 3% third-party processing fee.

cc success 2.png

  • They can choose to pay via Bank Transfer

    • An invoice with all the details needed to complete the bank transfer is provided. 

success bank transfer.png

    • The deal will remain in a Waiting for payment status until the money is received by xChange.

      • The paying partner can also change their selected payment method at this point for a credit card payment 💳 as shown in the image below

Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 4.42.16 PM.png

  • If you decide to proceed with the bank transfer, to make the process of payments smoother it helps if you share your payment slip to xChange via Email:

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