Trading Storage Charges FAQ

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How are the storage fees calculated? 

  • As soon as the release is uploaded, the platform will automatically start to count the free days stated in the terms

  • Once the free days are over, the storage fees are automatically calculated each day that the units are not reported as picked up.
  • To view the applicable storage fees you need to hover your mouse over the 💳 card icon (under the Balance column).

  • This is why, it's very important to report the units as picked up so that the system can accurately calculate the storage fees.

  • During the negotiation phase, the trading deal will suggest a default amount of 14 free days, however, the amount of free days can be adjusted by the seller and buyer until an agreement is reached that suits both partners' needs.  

How can I request a change or adjustment in the storage fees?

  • Please make sure to inform the customer support team on the trading deal's chat requesting this adjustment. You can tag @support in the Trading Deal's chat by typing @ and then selecting support from the drop-down menu:

  • The change or adjustment in the storage fees needs to be confirmed by both partners in the chat. 


When are the storage fees charged? 

  • Storage Charges according to the xChange Standard Container Sales Contract are added as charges to The Buyer’s Wallet and Invoiced on a monthly basis until all containers have been picked up or until the Transaction is marked as completed.
  • Therefore, it is important that all units are accurately reported as pick-up.
  • The storage charges will be charged from the buyer’s wallet and credited to the seller.


When will the storage fees be reflected in my wallet?

  • Please note that the credits will be reflected in your wallet almost immediately.
  • If you don’t see the credits in your wallet balance 7 days after the transaction is completed, please contact Customer Support via live chat or email:


What if a deal is canceled because the buyer doesn't pick up the units?

  • Please check our cancellation policy: 
  • Per our sales contract, in case the buyer doesn't pick up the units, the seller could give the buyer a final deadline of 14 days and actively cancel the deal.

  • If after the set deadline the buyer does not pick up the units, the cancellation is processed and the applicable Cancellation and Storage fees will be charged to the buyer. 

  • xChange will refund the buyer the remaining balance.

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