Which payment methods are available in a Trading deal?

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Trading deals with Payment Handling On

  • If your trading deal has reached the Payment stage (which means both partners have confirmed the terms), you will be able to review our available payment method options by clicking on Select Payment Method


Bank Transfer 

  • After you click on Select Payment Method, you can select the Bank Transfer option.


  • After you have completed the bank transfer, please upload proof of payment (remittance slip) for the deal in the documents section.

    • This will help our payments team with easier payment matching and a swift release.
    • Keep in mind that international bank transfers usually take 2 to 5 business days to arrive in the bank account.

Credit card

  • After you click on Select Payment Method, you can select the Credit Card option

  • The benefit of this payment method is that payment is received instantly and immediately applied to the trading deal.

  • Please note there is a 3% flat rate fee charged by Stripe for processing payment via credit card. This provides secure and fast payment processing. 

  • If your credit card is declined, please try another card or choose another payment method.

Wallet Balance

  • After you click on Select Payment Method, you can toggle the xChange wallet balance option ON ✅

  • If you do not have enough wallet balance to pay for the full amount of the invoice, you can complete the payment via a Credit card 💳 or Bank Transfer💰 as shown above.

  • To learn if it's possible to change the payment method, you can check the article:


Trading deals with Payment Handling Off

  • The seller will provide an invoice in the Documents section, and you can then complete payment directly to the seller. 

  • After you have paid the invoice, please inform the seller in the trading deal's chat.

  • As soon as payment is received, the seller will manually move the deal to the release stage and upload the release in the documents section. 

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