When will the seller receive the payment of a Trading deal (pick up and gate buy)?

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According to the Trading Payment Handling Terms and Conditions, in Trading Deals the Payment Handling Fee is an additional service that can be selected in the deal, it is a service fee.

This provides a 7-day protection to inspect and then accept the containers purchased. The credits related to the sale of containers on Container xChange Trading Platform will be available in the seller’s wallet or their bank account (depending on whether they requested a payout to their bank) as follows: 

  • For Pick-Up Deals: Payment will be completed to the seller 7 (seven) days after the pick-up release has been uploaded on the trading platform. 
  • For Gate-Buy Deals: Payment will be completed to the seller 7 (seven) days after the drop-off date of the last container of the trading deal.


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