How are per diems calculated?

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What are per diems? 

  • Per diem is the daily rental price of the container after the free days have passed.
  • The per diem varies depending on container type and is negotiable for each deal.

How are these calculated?

  • Per Diems are calculated based on per diem rate and free days that are agreed in the leasing deal terms, this varies accordingly in each deal.

  • The exact amount of Per Diems is calculated and updated daily based on how long the containers exceed the free days.

  • Per Diems cease to accrue once containers are reported as returned/dropped-off.
  • After the set amount of free days is over (in this particular example it's 90 free days)

  • In this example the unit was picked up on January 10th, which means after the 90 free days, if the user goes to their wallet under the month of April, and under the category Per diems credits 🔍

  • The per diems will show as credited to the wallet as shown below.


What are over-credited or over-charged per diems?

  • Per diem charges are system-generated and are automatically added by the system.
  • Per diems start to accrue whenever the unit exceeds the free days agreed on in the leasing deal.
  • If the drop-off date is reported or updated later than the actual drop-off date, the system will automatically adjust the per diem charges by refunding any over-charged or over-credited per diems, as shown below.

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