What are Containers Under Management?

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Containers under management are defined as the total number of containers currently Leased in and Leased out via xChange under your account. 

  • Suppliers (that provide the leased containers) are leasing out.
  • Users (who lease the containers) are leasing in.

For example

  1. As the user in Leasing Deal A, you have leased out a total of containers.
  2. At the same time, as a user in Leasing Deal B, you have leased in 20 containers from another partner.

This brings your total containers under management to 27. This is relevant for the calculation of your pricing tier since the maximum number of containers under management that you have at the same time in a given month will determine this.



What is the pricing tier?

  • The pricing tier refers to the membership fee band you will be at. The membership options on xChange are listed on our pricing page.

  • The Containers under management impact the pricing tier. There are pre-fixed quantities based on your membership tier but if you exceed this xChange will charge additional fees.

    • It is important to differentiate Containers Under Management from your Unit Limit, which defines how many containers you are currently allowed to use (lease in as a User) at any given point in time.

  • That means if your operational and financial performance drops (containers are not returned in time and monthly invoices remain unpaid), Container xChange will proactively reduce your unit limit.

  • You could still be under the management tier of 100 containers while paying that membership's pricing tier,  however, your "unit limit" might drop down to 0 containers to protect the Suppliers from non-performing members getting any more containers.


Can I cancel my Subscription if my Unit limit was dropped to zero?

  • As long as you have containers under management in xChange, you can not cancel your membership contract.
  • This rule is part of our Terms of Use to protect both partners in ongoing transactions.

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