How to upload files to leasing deals?

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Where can I upload the files?

  • You can upload files to a leasing deal through the Files & Documents section from the moment of its creation. You will find it right under the chat section ⬇️

  • Click on 'Upload Files' to share any files with your partner on that single leasing deal. 

  • In this section, you can upload:
    • Release references
    • Documentation required for insurance claims (such as photos and estimates)
    • Pick-up or drop-off information, etc.
  • Your partner will be notified when you upload a file, but as always we recommend that you also write them a message in the chat.


What type of files can be uploaded?

  • You will be able to upload files in the:
    • ZIP format
    • RAR format
    • The main requirement is that the file is not too big.





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