When will the payout of a Gate-buy Trading deal be issued to the Seller?

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If you are the seller of a Gate-buy trading deal, and you are wondering when payment will be released, you have found the correct article. 

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Gate-buy deals

  • In this type of deal, with payment handling set to ✅ On, the 💰 payout will be processed to the seller only after:
    1. Option A:
      • All containers are reported as dropped off and confirmed to be without damage by the Buyer.

    2. Option B:
      • The seller can also share an EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt) in the documents section of the deal.

      • Customer support will then set a 5-day deadline for the buyer to confirm or dispute the delivery.
        • If there is no update from the buyer within the deadline, we'll proceed with the payout.



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