When will the payout of a Pick-up Trading deal be issued to the Seller?

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If you are the seller of a Pick-up trading deal, and you are wondering when payment will be released, you have found the correct article. 



Pick-up deals

  • In this type of deal, with payment handling set to ✅ On, the 💰 payment will be released to the seller only after:

  • After the 7-day buyer guarantee
    • Starting from the day the Pick-up release is uploaded to the trading deal, Container xChange will hold the payment for 7 days.

    • During this guarantee period, the buyer can complete the pick-up and report any issues.

    • After these 7 days have passed, xChange releases payment to the seller's wallet.
      • If you would like a payout to your bank account, make sure our Payments team already has your bank account details (you can share them with us via email: payments@container-xchange.com), and request the payout on the trading deal through the Request payout button:



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