How can I create a Trading Direct Negotiation?

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How do I create direct trading deals with other partners on xChange? 

  • To create a Trading Direct Negotiation, simply click on Create Direct Negotiation from the trading search page or the deals overview page.


  • Make sure to select the right direction, if you are the buyer you want to select Buy Containers, and if you are the seller, then click on Sell Containers
  • You will have the option to select your partner and if this is a Pick-up or Gate buy trading deal
  • Click on the Proceed to negotiation details button after entering all the required info.

  • Fill out the rest of the required information, from the Container information section:

  • To the Images and Negotiation details section

  • To the Optional data section (we highly recommend providing as much information as possible)
    • Finalize the process by clicking on Create Direct Negotiation

What is the process that follows after creating the Direct Negotiations?

  1. After you have created the direct negotiation, your partner will be notified about the newly created Trading Negotiation. 

  2. You and your partner can negotiate and finalize the terms, keeping all necessary communication on the trading deal's chat.

  3. After both partners confirm the terms, the buyer will proceed to complete payment. 

  4. After payment is received, the deal will be moved to the Release stage.

  5. The seller will upload the pick-up release document (or the buyer will upload the drop-off reference, depending on the deal type).

  6. The buyer can proceed with the pick up and report the containers as picked up in the trading deal. 

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