I (Buyer) want to provide a Drop-off Reference, how can I do this?

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  • Once the payment has been received, the deal will move to the Reference phase

  • Click on the Drop-off reference button

  • Fill out all the required information such as:
    • Drop-off reference number
    • Validity
    • Quantity of containers
    • Depot's email and phone number
    • All other required details

  • You can upload multiple references as long as the total container quantity does not exceed the total amount of containers purchased.

What if I uploaded the wrong reference, or if I want to replace the current reference?

  • In the case you want to update the reference, please upload the correct/updated reference in the document section, and inform your partner in the chat. 

  • Important: Please do not remove the reference you already uploaded.
    • This is because the free days and storage charges are calculated based on the reference already uploaded.


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