What happens during the drop off stage of a gate buy trading deal?

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The Drop off Stage 

Where can the seller find the Drop-off reference?


Is there anything the seller needs to do before dropping off the Containers?

  • During the Drop-off stage, the seller can proceed with the drop-off after completing the following actions:

    • Confirm with the buyer and the depot at least 48 hours before the actual Drop-off to confirm the Reference with the depot (that the document is in their system)



What should the Buyer do after a Container has been Dropped off? 

  • To keep your partner and xChange informed, we ask all Buyers to help us report the Dropped off containers through either of the Report Drop-off options

  • You will need to fill out the fields shown below with the following information:
    • Reference number
    • Container Number
    • Drop-off date
      • Before you report it, you also get the chance to review it or delete the data entirely

  • After reporting the picked-up units, you will find the data reported under the Containers tab

  • Once all the units are marked as dropped off, the payment will be released to the seller and the deal will be marked as Completed

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