What are the Estimate of Repairs Damage (EOR) Classifications?

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Based on the results of IICL inspection, each item on the repair estimate can be classified into one of the 4 major categories:

Impact Damage & Costs (ID)

This type of damage is caused due to impact and collisions with other containers or objects. Also know insured damage as this is the damage type for which the Insurance company will cover for the User, who booked the Premium Insurance.

Cleaning Costs (CL)

This damage and its related cost is associated with the container unit getting dirty during the journey. The damage costs are paid by the User and are not covered by the insurance.


CA (Customer Account) 

This damage is usually caused by the nature of the cargo, i.e. contamination and dirt in the container, and its related cost is allocated to the User account.

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Wear & Tear (W&T + OLD)

This damage is caused due to the normal wear & tear of the container over its lifetime and its related cost is allocated to the Supplier account or the container unit’s owner account.

Based on those specifications, the final damage claims amounts are calculated.

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