What is the standard Damage Claim Process (with Basic Insurance or No Insurance)?

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Does the process to open a damage claim change based on the type of Insurance?

  • If the containers are returned (dropped off) by the User in a damaged state, it is the Supplier who is responsible for starting the process of submitting a damage claim. 
  • Whether the User has purchased Basic or Premium insurance, the process to start a claim will remain the same.
  • However, based on the insurance type, the claim is processed in two different ways by the xChange Claims Management team.


How do I open a Damage Claim?

In order to start the damage process, the Supplier can use the Claims Manager on the xChange platform or simply email the required documents to: conops@container-xchange.com

Please keep reading to learn which are the required documents. 

What documents need to be provided?

The Supplier needs to provide the following documents to successfully open a damage claim:

  • Repair Estimate: Must be in English. It should include the following items: 
    • Container number
    • Comp code
    • Loc code
    • Damage code
    • Repair code
    • Length
    • Width
    • Quantity
    • Labour Hours
    • Labour Cost
    • Material Cost
    • Total Cost
    • Currency
  • Photos of the damages: Photos should clearly depict the damages mentioned in the repair estimate and the container number/ CSC plate. The minimal submission amount is 5 photos.
  • Depot location & contact details
  • Drop-off date


Is there a deadline to submit the damage claims? 

  • The supplier has to open the damage claims within 5 working days (Mo-Fr) after the equipment has been reported as returned (dropped-off) in xChange.

  • If estimates are not sent to xChange within the timeframe stipulated above, the claim will be considered extemporaneous and therefore null and void.


What happens if the damage claim cannot be submitted within the above time frame?

In case the above-mentioned time frame cannot be met due to reasons beyond the control of the Supplier, the xChange Claims Management team will determine if a one-time exception can be made according to the Claims terms and conditions.



What happens after the Damage Claim has been received when Basic Insurance is booked? (or with No Insurance)

  • Once the damage claim has been received, the xChange Claims Management team will check the claim for completeness and applicability (e.g. no insurance booked) and forward the claim to the User.

  • After the User receives the damage claim from xChange, it shall within five (05) working days (Mo-Fr) either confirm acceptance of the estimated repair damages or dispute the claimed damages.

  • If the User does not respond within the stipulated deadline, the damage claim is deemed to be accepted.


What happens after the User confirms the estimated repair damages? 

  • If the User agrees with the repair damages or does not respond to xChange within the number of working days stated above, the User shall pay for said repairs specified in the estimate.
  • If applicable, any previously agreed DPP shall be subtracted from the estimated repair amount.
  • Any charges/credits will be automatically settled through the xChange wallet.




What happens after the User disputes the estimated repair damages? 

In case the User disagrees with the estimate of repair costs or disagrees that any item should be for the User’s account, the User shall detail its objections on a line item level within the period stated above and share it with xChange on the deal chat.

Details of the steps in cases of damage claim disagreements are as below:

    1. The damage claim and all supporting documents will be reviewed by xChange.

    2. An assessment of the case will be issued, and a resolution proposal forwarded to all parties involved.

    3. Within five (05) working days (Mo-Fr) of receiving the above-mentioned resolution proposal, the User and Supplier shall revert to xChange on deal chat with either confirmation or rejection of the proposal.
      • Failure to respond within the above-mentioned time frame will result in automatic acceptance of the proposal.
      • In case said time frame cannot be met by either one of the parties for reasons beyond its control, xChange requires proper and timely notice.

    4. In case both parties agree with xChange’s resolution proposal, the conclusion will be binding and final and any charges/credits will be automatically settled through the xChange wallet.

    5. In case one or both parties disagree with xChange’s resolution proposal, a joint survey will be organized by xChange within ten (10) working days (Mo-Fr).
      • An appointed external joint surveyor will inspect the equipment, review the damage claim including all supporting documents, and issue a final opinion.
      • In this case, the supplier is to make the equipment available for survey at his own cost.
      • In case the supplier does not make the equipment available for survey or releases the equipment before the survey has taken place, the supplier automatically forfeits the right to claim damages and will bear all repair-related costs.

    6. The Supplier and User agree to be bound by the opinion of the joint surveyor and to equally share the cost of the survey. Any charges/credits will be automatically settled through the xChange wallet.


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