How can I request a survey?

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xChange offers you Global coverage to conduct Surveys

In every deal, you can trigger the survey using the "Request Survey" button on top of the deal page.

Our global network of surveyors will contact your depot of choice and start arranging the container inspection.

Types of industry-standard surveys that we offer: 

  • CONDITION SURVEY is typically used to verify whether the condition of the container is up to a specified standard. During the survey, any specific faults are highlighted and the most cost-effective next step is proposed. Photos are not included but can be taken upon request (1 USD per picture).

  • ONHIRE INSPECTION is the most common inspection type for One-Way leasing moves. The containers are selected from the container stack based on a provided criterion (e.g. CW). Survey result is the list of container IDs meeting the required criteria with photos of the units. All equipment not meeting the requirement that has been surveyed in the process receives a recommendation for the next step ( repair/reject). The survey includes 7 pictures.

  • OFFHIRE INSPECTION is conducted after the container has been returned. In case you have received a repair estimate that you would like to have reviewed by a neutral party, our surveyor partners will check, and breakdown all estimate line items. They will verify that repair costs are in line with the local market and repair standard and amend if necessary (Survey includes 5 pictures). 

  • CSC INSPECTION is required for units with invalid or expired CSC plates. It is often required to enter a terminal or for the units to be loaded on vessels. CSC inspection certificate can be made directly by our surveying partners and for special situations it can also be issued by the Rina class society.

The below list displays survey pricing for the most common locations used on xChange. When the survey is selected through our platform the pricing will be displayed before the survey is booked.

In rare cases, some locations may require a specific quote. These locations will be highlighted before the survey is booked and a quote will be provided within 24hrs from the xChange team. 

Region Location Currency Equipment Survey type
  On-hire Condition Off-hire CSC
Benelux All USD Dry vans 32.00 32.00 32.00 65.00
Germany Hamburg/Bremen USD Dry vans 38.00 38.00 38.00 70.00
Italy All USD Dry vans 32.00 32.00 32.00 65.00
Spain Valencia/Barcelona USD Dry vans 32.00 32.00 35.00 65.00
China All USD Dry vans 25.00  25.00 25.00 55.00
India All USD Dry vans 25.00 25.00 25.00 55.00
Pakistan All USD Dry vans 27.00 27.00 27.00 55.00
UAE All USD Dry vans price on request
Pictures USD 1 per picture except for on-hires where pictures are included
Rates for CSC certificates from Rina:  
Inspection / Certification of ISO Shipping Containers empty  
1 container per visit: EUR 113.3/USD132
2 containers per visit: EUR 204.6/USD 247.5
3 containers per visit: EUR 289.3/USD 346.5
4 containers per visit: EUR 390.5/USD 468.6
5 containers per visit: EUR 433.4/USD 520.3
6 containers per visit: EUR 493.9/USD 592.9
As of 7th container rate will be per container: EUR 58.3/USD 70.4


Survey Coverage in the US Market

xChange provides survey services in a range of US locations, as well as some in Canada. Here's a list of locations where we offer our services:

State/Region Location(s)
Florida Miami
New Jersey Jersey City
New York New York City, Newark
Virginia Norfolk
Texas Houston
California Los Angeles, San Pedro, Wilmington, Antioch, Oakland
Maryland Baltimore
Georgia Atlanta, Rincon, Savannah
South Carolina Charleston, North Charleston
Louisiana New Orleans
Michigan Detroit
Canada Vancouver, Montreal


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