Why did we choose to show the last 3 accepted deals' prices?

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Realistic price expectations

  • By showing the last 3 accepted deals, we ensure buyers approach sellers with more realistic price expectations, encouraging smooth negotiations.


Improved chances of successful deals

  • We have observed that offers from sellers with a "great price" are more successful than those with a "fair price".
  • By providing visibility of recently accepted deals, we empower sellers to strategically price their containers, increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.


Maximizing transaction volumes

  • Our goal is to enable sellers to maximize the volume of containers they can sell on xChange.
    • The price recommendations provide a clear view of market trends, giving the sellers the option to adjust their pricing and achieve higher transaction volumes.

  • Our current calculation is based on:
    • Location
    • Container Type
    • Container condition

  • We are currently working on making the below-mentioned factors more relevant to our pricing recommendations, such as:
      • YOM (year of manufacture)
      • Color
      • Special specs (e.g., forklift pockets)

Our priority is to ensure that xChange remains a valuable and efficient marketplace for container shipping needs.

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