Why are my prices labeled as too high?

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  • The prices on xChange are determined by the average cost of containers recently sold on the platform, taking into consideration factors like:
    • Container type
    • Container condition
    • Location


  • If the seller's prices are justified due to special features, they should add these details to the listing (as it might affect the recommended price).
    • For example:
      • Containers with unique colors
      • Extra features like:
        • Lockboxes


  • For example, you can review below the 40HC containers in Houston.
    • Based on the YOM (year of manufacturing) and Container Condition, this can lead to one partner's listing being labeled as a High Price, while another is marked as a Fair Price

fair vs high price.png

  • We aim to provide a fair range of prices based on actual deals.

  • Following the suggested prices increases the chances of having successful deals.

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