I am a Buyer, why won't the lowest prices listings show up at the top of search results when I sort by Recommended?

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For the Buyers

The platform uses a variety of factors to determine the ranking of listings in search results.

  • We prioritize good behaviors from sellers, as they contribute to positive experiences for our users.
    • Factors such as the ones mentioned below influence the ranking:
      • Higher response rates
      • Increased deals in the category
      • Competitive Pricing
      • High-quality listings

  • If you find a listing with a higher price ranking above others, it indicates that the seller has demonstrated higher quality in various aspects.

  • We recommend considering these factors, not just the price when initiating negotiations with Sellers in your search.

  • If getting the lowest prices is your top priority, you can directly sort the search results based on price.
    • Sort by Lowest Price

This way, you can easily find the listings with the lowest prices that match your preferences: 

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 15.13.44.png

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