Should users or suppliers select the Wallet to complete payment with their Credit Limit?

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  • After both partners have confirmed the terms, an invoice will be generated, and the paying partner will be prompted to select their payment method.
  • When the deal is accepted, the invoice will be added to the wallet. 
    • This does not mean the Credit Limit (Wallet balance) 💰 has been charged already. 
  • We will only charge the invoice to the paying partner's available wallet balance after they click on the option Use Wallet to Proceed

use wallet to proceed 2.png

  • In the example above, the paying partner has enough Wallet balance to proceed with the "Use wallet to proceed" option. 
  • After selecting this option, the deal will be moved to the Release stage instantly: 

  • The Supplier will be requested to provide the Pick-up Release Reference

CONTAINER 4 copy.png

What happens if I click on the Select Payment Method button?

  • After the paying partner clicks on the Select Payment Method option:

select payment method .png

  • The paying partner will see the following payment method options: 
    • Wallet balance (if available)
    • Credit Card
    • Bank Transfer

wallet balance toggle ON.png

  • The paying partner can now select the payment method of their choice.
  • It is worth noting that the Credit Card and Wallet balance payments are instantly credited to the deal.
    • For Bank transfers, both partners would have to wait for xChange to receive the payment. confirm and pay.png
  • If the paying partner selected Bank transfer as their payment method, after they click on Confirm & Pay, they will see the following: 

success Bank transfer.png


What happens if I want to use xChange Wallet balance or Credit Card to proceed but accidentally click on Bank Transfer?

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