Where is the Damage Monitor?

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The Damage Monitor is one of the tools on the xChange platform which allows both the Supplier and the User to monitor and review any Damage Claim and all related documentation. Within the Damage Monitor, you can find information about each container that has reported damages. Click here for more information on how to report damages.

Where is the Damage Monitor?

If the Damage Claim is opened for the container on your deal, you can find the Damage Monitor under the Claims tab (right next to the chat box) as shown below:

You can also access the damage monitor by clicking the following link


What information is shown within the Damage Monitor?

  • All of the damage amounts and all supporting documents, such as the EOR, off-hire report, and photos of the damaged unit(s). 
  • To view the documents you can simply click the 'view' button which is available on the 'off-hire report' and also 'file-share' columns.
  • Other information such as the status and container details are also available.


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