Why is it beneficial to work with an official freight forwarding network?

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xChange works with several freight forwarding network partners to get quality members onto our platform. Freight forwarding networks serve as a worldwide umbrella organization of vetted members who work with each other under established standards, creating new business opportunities, including actively promoting and supporting each other in logistics, customs brokerage, and related services.

If you are looking to expand your business and improve profitability, one of our freight forwarding network partners might help you get there. In a nutshell, being part of a network increases forwarders' capabilities in creating new business opportunities with other vetted and trusted agents, in a safe and friendly environment. Some benefits include:

1. Global Coverage 

Increasing sales often means expanding into new territories or becoming more prominent in some of the ones you’re already operating in. Networks typically offer global coverage, meaning there is a presence in the major trade lanes throughout the world and a large number of the busiest ports covered if not all, most continents.

2. Exclusivity 

Networks typically have a fixed number of agents per port, city, and modality, allowing one to gain all the business according to that specialization in your region. This results in increased sales for every member and insurance that agents get sufficient business inquiries.

3. Payment Protection

The one setback of branching out and engaging in new business ventures with new partners is the uncertainty and trust when it comes down to paying for transactions. This is an area where working within a network is advantageous. Typically each member agent is thoroughly screened before acceptance, taking much of the risk of dealing with new agents day to day away.  Furthermore, networks typically offer payment insurance policies and claim settlement services.

and more additional perks, such as;

  • Agent finder database to easily find contact information of agents per country
  • Whatsapp groups and communication tools to easily find a new agent
  • Marketing exposure to increase business opportunities
  • Discounts on freight forwarder related services like TMS, insurance, etc. 
  • Worldwide conferences (offline and online) to network with other agents


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