What are the leasing deal stages?

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The negotiation stage means that the deal is in the pre-acceptance phase. The open deals are divided into two groups: Action required and Waiting for reply. Action required means that the latest update on the deal was done by your partner, and they are awaiting your response. Waiting for a Reply means that it is your partner that is in turn to revert to the last terms changed you made.

In case a deal is sent out and there is no initial response from the receiving party, the deal will automatically be declined after 7 days.


The deals that have been accepted will fall into the Release stage. It means that you and your partner agreed on the terms that you previously discussed through the negotiation. However, in this stage, there has been no release reference provided yet. As soon as a release reference has been provided, the deal will be changed to Pickup.

If you are the supplier, please share the release reference as soon as possible. Your Release performance will be shown under your company profile. Fast release = Great rating!




In this stage, you find all deals that are accepted and have had release reference(s) added to it, but the user is not picking up the unit yet

After the supplier provides the release reference to the user, the deal status is set to pickup.

If you are the user, you are highly encouraged to pick up the released unit as soon as possible. Your Pick-up Performance will be shown under your company profile. Fast Pick-up = Great Rating!



This stage is for accepted deals where containers have been picked up, but not yet dropped off. Once all containers have been returned to the supplier's desired location, the deal stage gets set to Completed.

Make sure to report containers as dropped off, so the deal can move to the Completed stage, as Per Diems and Insurance are calculated by using this metric.



After every container is reported as dropped off by the user, the status of the deal is seen as completed. It also means that the transaction is entirely completed and the deal is closed. Completed deals will remain in your completed folder indefinitely. You can still use the deal to look up information and communication purposes.


Canceled deals

If a deal gets declined, it will show in the Cancelled Deals folder on the left side of the deal overview page. You can find your canceled deals there for 14 days before they are removed. If you need access to an older, declined deal, reach out to xChange at service@container-xchange.com.


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