What is the Credit limit? How high is my limit?

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We are introducing an entirely new tool to all xChange customers: Credit Limit

This is the second limit (besides our Unit Limit) on the Container xChange platform to manage payments. 

At xChange, customers have the added benefit of using credit for leasing deals (not applicable in Trading due to the fact Trading Deals are always completed through upfront payment).

In this article, we will be explaining the basics surrounding how credit limit works.


What is the Credit limit?

  • Every customer has their individual credit limit with xChange.
    • This can be compared to how a credit card's limit 💳 works. You can spend as much as you can pay back later. 

  • xChange's credit will still provide the flexibility to complete payment later and at the same time a heightened risk protection for all of our customers.

  • Every customer will receive an individual credit limit determined by how long they have been part of the platform, their payment history on xChange, and financial stability.


How high is my limit?

  • The majority of users will begin with a 10,000 USD Credit Limit.
    • If you hand in some additional financial documents you may increase this to 20,000 USD from the start.
  • Already existing customers will start between 15,000 to 30,000 USD based on each customers's payment reliability.


Where can I monitor my Credit Limit? 

  • Customers can easily monitor their approach to their Credit limit through the new Wallet Widget.


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