What are Direct Leasing Deals?

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Direct Leasing deals are a convenient way for you to create deals with your partners. Keep your business under one roof, removing the need for checking between emails, Excel documents, and other information sources to find the information you need.


There are many benefits to using Direct Deals, for example:


  • Conduct business with members on xChange or even outside the platform;
  • Payments are credited in real-time and monthly payment settlements;
  • Reduce manual workloads and let xChange monitor all your container releases and movements;
  • Dedicated priority support from xChange;
  • Basic free tracking is available;
  • Option to add insurance(s) for damages and losses;
  • Issue resolution - xChange acts as an intermediary to resolve issues and assist in negotiations.

If you want to learn more about how Direct Leasing Deals work, please check the Direct Deals section.

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