What is the Damage Protection Plan (DPP)?

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DPP (Damage Protection Plan) is a protection for the user granted by the supplier. This is the amount of cleaning and repair charges that must exceed after redelivery of the container for the user to be eligible for billing.  You can insure your containers to cover the amount that exceeds the DPP. 

Meaning: If a user returns the container damaged but the repair price is less than the DPP, the user doesn’t have to pay for the repairs. If the repair costs are greater than the DPP, the user is invoiced for the amount above the DPP. The standard DPP on xChange is $100.

e.g. After the user return the container and there's damage that needs to be repaired. The repair will cost $75. The DPP agreed on the request was $100. So since the repair cost less than $100, the supplier will bear the cost. 



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