What is Insights? Find out here how to use it and be more successful.

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What is Insights? 

Insights is the xChange data product. 

We aim to build the source of all container-related data and analytics for companies operation or investing in container logistics. Striving to help you gain market intelligence and thus be able to make data-informed decisions about container operations. 

Suitable for:

  • Companies who are new players on the trading market 
  • Trading companies aiming to add a new market
  • For traders, brokers, FF, NVOs looking to get the market data faster
  • To anyone who is looking to be up to date on the prices with an efficient access to the condensed easy to process data, and thus make confident and profitable container trading and leasing deals...

Insights will help to: 

  • Understand container logistics market (find and learn patterns, typical prices, rates and trends, seasonality, popular locations, container supply volume);
  • Calculate potential costs and profits (Buying container cost, container reposition pick-up charged, free days, per diems, storage fees, and container sales price);
  • Check actual marker prices/rates (and use them to make a fair deal. To not overpay or get underpaid);
  • Decide what to do with containers (to sell, to lease them out or to keep them);
  • Compile a research in the container industry. 

What data is used?

Our sources include data coming from the Container xChange, regional container trading platforms, shipping lines, open-source data and more. 


What data can you currently find in the Insights?

  • Container trading data (Container Market Rates in Major Locations; Container Market Rates and Available Supply at xChange Globally; Container Price Development and Location Comparison; Container Price Negotiation Corridor and Available Supply at xChange Locally);
  • Container leasing data (SOC Container Pickup Charge in Major Trade Routes; SOC Container Leasing Terms Trendline; Location Analysis for SOC Container Leasing Terms; Available Supply at xChange for Selected Stretch);
  • CAx (Container Availability Index - Includes Gate-in and Gate-out moves of containers (or import and exports of containers));
  • Market reports (A collection of white papers and experts guidance based on the recent industry trends). 



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