How do I decline a Leasing Deal after it has been accepted? - Why is it a negative outcome and why should this be avoided?

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At container xChange, we highly recommend avoiding the cancellation of any deal that has already been accepted.


A one-sided cancellation of an agreement is not encouraged because it shows a lack of commitment and responsibility to conduct successful business between two companies.


You can also review the following reasons to avoid canceling deals:



Binding Agreement

  • Accepting a leasing deal with a partner makes you enter a binding agreement. Only when you are sure you can use or supply the agreed containers, you should accept a deal. 
  • If you are in doubt, please communicate that with your partner via chat to find a solution or a later agreement.


Bad Rating and Loss of Trust

  • To accept multiple deals only to cancel them later, makes the network lose trust. This could lead to fewer and fewer partners willing to work with your company.
  • If an accepted request needs to be canceled, it will automatically leave a bad performance rating on your company profile and also negatively impact your pick-up performance rating.



Storage Charges

  • These Storage fees are applicable from the moment you decide to cancel a deal after it has been accepted and the release reference had already been uploaded. If you did not pick up any unit, it will be calculated in the following way: number of Containers x amount of days since the release was uploaded x USD storage fee.
  • We recommend you only accept deals where you are sure the full amount of containers will be used.
  • However, we understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. In that case please tag @Support in the request chat and explain the reason for your cancellation. We will then process the decline after accepted  and try to find alternative solutions (i.e finding an alternative partner).






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