I'm in the Negotiation stage of the deal, how do I move the deal forward?

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It all starts in the Negotiation stage

  • It is at this stage that both partners can:
    • Confirm the terms of the deal
    • Decline ❌

Send a Counteroffer ⬇️

  • Each partner can edit the terms according to their needs:
    • Pick up or Drop off locations
    • Pick up charge
    • Per diems
    • Free days
    • Daily Storage Charges

  • In the pop-up, you can update the relevant terms and then send the offer to your partner by clicking on Send Counteroffer

  • To make the deal official, both partners need to Confirm the terms. This serves as a double confirmation to ensure that both companies agree on the latest terms.

  • This action will move the deal to the Release stage.
    • Where the supplier will upload the release reference for the pick-up of the units. 


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