How do I create a Leasing Direct Negotiation on xChange?

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  1. Click on the Create Direct Negotiation button in the Leasing Search tab (main leasing deal's overview page) ⬇️

  2. You can then select the partner you wish to work with and also indicate the container movement *(make sure to select the correct one, to supply or use containers)

  3. After this, click the 'Continue' button entering all the required info.

  4. Once this is all completed the Direct Deal will be created and you and your partner will be able to further negotiate within the new leasing negotiation chat.

  5. After both partners confirm and accept the terms, the paying partner is prompted to complete payment of the pick-up charges (the deal moves to the payment stage).

  6. After payment is received, the deal is moved to the release stage, and the supplier is prompted to upload the release document and provide depot confirmation.

  7. xChange actively monitors the gate activity at the depot and also monitors the containers until returned to the drop-off location. xChange keeps the communication open to file any dispute with damages if any.



The below illustration explains the 4 above steps:


Watch a Webinar Recording on "Direct  Leasing Negotiations" below:

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