How can I decline a Leasing Deal?

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We understand that on occasion it is necessary to decline deals. However, it is important that you provide an accurate reason for internal processing. 

You can decline any deal that you are not interested in by opening the deal and selecting Ignore

🚨It is worth noting you can only do this during the Negotiation stage. After the Release stage has been reached, to decline a deal you will have to tag @support

  • You will then be prompted with various decline reasons. Select the reason that reflects the most accurate reason for declining the deal:

Why should I select the most accurate reason? 

By selecting any of the below mentioned reasons, the system will automatically update your requirements:

  • Currently no demand in the drop-off location
  • Currently no demand for stretch/port-pair
  • Other 



If you have this demand again, you can simply go to your Demand Listings and activate this stretch again.

xChange recommends declining each deal that you cannot make work, as this will adjust your requirements automatically without any manual efforts, rather than not reacting to the deal at all. 


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