What is the xChange Wallet and how do I access it?

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The xChange Wallet is the single source of truth for all xChange payments, and it is the starting point to check everything related to your balance, transactions, invoices, and account settings. 


The xChange Wallet is fully connected with the other services in the platform, and will immediately reflect any credits and charges that accrue in your xChange transactions.

All company accounts on xChange have a wallet, but not all users of a company may have access to the wallet page.

You can easily access the wallet by clicking on the drop-down bar on the left-hand of the platform. The final icon 💳 will then take you to your wallet. 

Balance activity

Within the wallet, you will find the balance activity, which is a live reflection of all the transactions that occur through all your leasing and/or trading deals. This can update several times in a single day.


You can also check all of your invoices in the invoice section. From there you'll be able to check the status of the invoice. Invoices can be downloaded as a pdf and in xls format.

To learn more about the invoice, please check this article: How do xChange invoices work?

Account Statements

If you head over to the Account Statements section

From there you'll be able to download an account statement in an Excel sheet. 

Pro-tip: make sure to select the option ALL when selecting the period as shown below.

You can check your current balance as indicated in ''Final balance''. It is the exact amount that you currently have in your wallet.

Before requesting a payout, please always check the Final balance to see if you have an available amount ready for payout.


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