What is Mysterious Disappearance?

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Mysterious Disappearance is a form of Total Loss under the Basic Insurance which Users can claim to get compensation on containers that have not been returned.

In order for a container(s) to satisfy the criteria for total loss by way of mysterious disappearance the below points must be met:

  • The users (and their agents) have to search for the missing container for a period of 2 months. 
  • After 2 months, the Insurance Agent has to then also search for the missing container for 1 month. 
  • After this period a container can be considered as lost. At that point, the user would be charged with a   deduction of a 25% deductible for any container that satisfies the Mysterious Disappearance criteria.



Opening of the Insurance Claim

If you want to open an official Insurance Claim for the lost container, you have to reach out to our ConOps team by sending an email to conops@container-xchange.com.

You will have to provide a set of initial documents for the opening of the claim:

  • Proof of 3rd party responsibility. Please, share with us who do you hold responsible for the loss of each container.
  • Photos of the original containers and their CSC plates.
  • Estimate of Repair
  • Evidence of interchange for the units.
  • Stock report from the drop-off depot.

Once we receive those documents, we will be able to proceed and evaluate the applicability of the claim.


The Insurance Claim Process

If the Insurance Claim is applicable, xChange will gather all of the necessary documents and will forward the claim to the Insurance Partner.

The Insurance Partner will review the claim and after internal investigation will approve or dispute the Insurance Claim.

You may find the further terms described in the Insurance Policy.

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