How does xChange calculate pick-up charges?

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Does this apply to all leasing deals? 

In the Leasing deals with xChange Payment Handling activated, xChange monitors all the container moves and takes care of all credits and charges related to them.


How is this calculated? 

  • The calculation of pickup fees is simple and follows the terms and the pick-up date of the unit that is reported in the leasing deals.

  • You can negotiate with your partner to agree and set the pick-up charges for each deal.

  • Pickup fees are registered in the system from the on-hire (pick-up) date of each container, and it is automatically added by the system. 

  • For example, based on the initial terms agreed on the leasing deal, if your deal has a pickup fee (a charge to the user or the supplier) of USD 100 and a container was picked up on the 1st of January, either the supplier or the user will receive a credit of USD 100 on this date.

  • In the image below you can see that unit SDNU9883746 was reported as picked up on January 19, 2023. 

  • If you go to the wallet, click on the category "Pick-up credits" for the month of January

  • In there, you will see the amount credited accordingly as shown below. 



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