My container has been misplaced, what can I do?

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When a container has been misplaced, xChange will try to find alternative solutions that will suit both parties. Please note that the below-mentioned solutions are only to be applied if all regular options have been exhausted. 


It is possible to sublease the container to a 3rd party to move the container. Note that it is the original lessee who has full responsibility for the containers and is liable to pay for any damages or issues that arise during the sublease. 

Arrange a Lease Buyout 

If containers are overused by 365 days, the supplier can choose to sell the boxes for the agreed DRV in the accepted deal. This means the user will have to buy the containers from the supplier.

A lease buyout can be applied earlier than 365 days if both partners agree to it.

For example,

  • User Company A leases containers from  Supplier Company B
  • User Company A leases the container for over 365 days
  • Supplier Company B can sell the containers to User Company A


Arrange optional drop-off locations

It is possible to negotiate optional drop-off locations, in case the user finds it difficult to evacuate the boxes on a specific stretch.  This is not allowed to do as a way to move containers to other locations than agreed upon. 

For example,

  • User Company A leases containers from Supplier Company B.
  • The stretch of this deal is from Hamburg to Shanghai.
  • The containers got stuck in Nhava Sheva.
  • The two partners came to an agreement that Singapore would be an acceptable drop-off location and the containers would be moved there instead of Shanghai.


Arrange a container swap

*This should be the last resort.

In our experience, the SWAP of units requires very clear communication between partners, which is why we advise this to be a last resort.

A container swap can be arranged if the user has containers in a location the supplier finds suitable for them. This process will involve surveyors to ensure that the quality of the containers is similar in both locations. In case they are not of the same quality, as the fee to cover the differences in value can be arranged.

For example,

  • User Company A leases boxes from Supplier Company B from Hamburg to Shanghai.
  • User Company A cannot find Cargo from Hamburg, thus the boxes remain stationary.
  • User Company A has containers in Shanghai which they can then swap for Supplier Company B's containers in Hamburg.  

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