How does xChange Payment Handling reduce the risk of late payments?

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When xChange Payment Handling is Active...

The risk of late payment is reduced as xChange credits Per Diems and Pick-up charges to your xChange Wallet as soon as they occur.

We also monitor and settle any additional items agreed upon in the deal like cancellation fees, storage fees, etc. There are charges that are not credited until the respective partner pays the invoice in full, such as the DRV invoices. 



What does a leasing deal with payment handling disabled look like?

In that case, xChange will not be involved in any payment or invoicing related to the leasing deal.

With payment handling off, you would be accepting the risks of delayed payment (or no payment at all) and also increasing your time and effort to send and follow up on your invoices.

xChange would only provide support with the communication and mediation between the partners. 



Payment handling must be activated (or deactivated) before the deal is Accepted.

Once the deal is accepted, we cannot change the payment handling status of the leasing deal. 

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