What is the Payment Handling fee of Leasing and Trading deals?

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What is the Payment Handling Fee?

xChange Payment Handling is available for all your xChange transactions, it is a guarantee for all credits which you may receive.

What is the payment handling fee for Leasing deals?

In Leasing Deals, Payment Handling refers to the fee for our service of monitoring all payment transactions related to the leasing deal, including streamlining your invoicing process and reducing coordination efforts to pay or get paid when dealing with several partners at the same time. Leasing Payment Handling charge rate is 3.85%

In addition, pickup fees and per diems are automatically credited to your wallet once the containers are picked up or the free days are over. 


What is the payment handling fee for Trading deals?

In Trading Deals the Payment Handling Fee is an additional service that can be selected in the deal, it is a service fee, that is always paid by the buyer.

This provides a 7-day protection to inspect/accept the containers purchased. We will transfer the funds to the seller 7 days after the release of the units.

Any other credits earned related to Trading Deals may have the regular 3.85% xChange Payment Handling Fee. This includes credits received from:
  • Storage Charges
  • Cancellation Fees
Certain credits will not have this service fee, meaning that the full amount is received and the 3.85% is not deducted. These are the credits received related:
  • Refunds and corrections
  • Insurance acceptance claims
  • xChange concessions

The reason for this service fee is that we credit funds to the wallet daily, even before/without recovering the payment from the counterpart, taking over the effort of payment collection and the risk of late or no payment at all by the counterpart.

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