What can I do if I am not receiving a timely response from my Partner?

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What can I do if I am not getting a timely response?

In instances that you have an open deal with a user on the platform, you can use the following tips to remind the other partner to react to your latest inquiry.


Which options do I have to reach my partner?

  • You can use the chat to send your partner a message to remind them to respond.

Using personalized messages with specific questions can help you to get a clear and prompt response. Your personalized message can make a big difference in response time. Here at xChange we have drafted the below example to highlight this.


Question (b)  is likely to have a response faster than Question (a), this is because Question (b) is clear and has a time frame that the other partner can refer to.


(a) Do you need my containers?
(b) My containers are available, but I am looking for a client who can pick in the next two days. Does that work for you? 


You can also use the tag function "@" to specifically mention the partner who you require a response from ⬇️


Chat is a convenient and efficient means of contact. Partners will be notified via email if members use the chat function, so members do not need to be online to receive the chat.

Urgent cases

  • If you have an urgent situation and your partner has not sent a response in 24 hours, then you can contact xChange via the live chat platform so we can follow up with our members to request them to provide an update as soon as possible. 

  • Please specify how urgently you need a reply from your partner so that we can have a clear time frame.


Typical response time

Response times vary from one member to the next.

Please keep in mind that companies may be located in different geographical locations and a delay in their response could be due to the different time zones 🌍

You can always check the location of a partner by clicking on their company name. You will then be taken to their company profile and where you can see key information such as company location. Ideally, you should get a response within 24 hours.


Pro-tip for requesting an ETA 

One helpful way to get the required ETA's from partners is by using the "Share deal" option to request this information.



Simple reminders

  • As a user, you can remind the supplier to provide a pick-up release reference as soon as the deal is accepted (in case it has not been provided) or a drop-off reference once containers have been picked up. 
  • As a supplier, you can remind the user to pick up released containers in the chat. You can also ask the user for a timeline of when the containers will be returned.


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