SCLA | The User of a Leasing Deal is requesting a Cancellation, which requirements need to be met?

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According to the xChange Standard Container Leasing Agreement, sub-clause 12 (b):

(b) The User may cancel the contract or pieces of Equipment if The Supplier does not fulfill a Main Obligation of Sub-clause 12 (d) which is due, or does not render it in conformity with the contract. 



What does Sub-clause 12 (d) cover? 

If the Supplier does not meet the Main Obligations as described below, this will automatically allow the User's cancellation request:

    1. The Supplier should provide the Equipment in the condition agreed upon in the Agreed Lease Terms.

    2. The Supplier should provide a correct release reference within 3 days after the acceptance of a leasing deal and allow The User to pick up the Equipment after a pick-up notice according to Sub-clause 6 (b) (i) (which you can review in this related article: What are the User’s responsibilities to ensure a smooth Pick up?)


Where can I request a cancellation?

Cancellations and deadlines have to be communicated in writing on the Leasing Platform's chat to your deal's partner and customer support. You can inform support by simply typing @ and then clicking on the @Support option from the drop-down menu.


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